The Band



Lead and Backing vocals.



Bass, Backing vocals.



Drums, Percussions, Synthesizers, Programming, Backing vocals, Lyrics.

About us

A subtle blend of Progressive Rock, Funk and Electro, that's the essence of SOUNDOFDEN.

In order to share his musical and littering creativity, Nico formed this band in December 2017 in suburbs of Paris. Nico leads in his adventure his friend singer Christophe aka ChristRibes

They've known each other since they were teenagers and played together in many styles bands ranging from blues to indus and heavy metal. Another friend, Manu, bassist, joined them. With Nico, they had been performing for ten years before on stages.

The result is a vibrant, energetic, electrifying and psychedelic musical cocktail.
Lyrics and music that intertwine, complement and harmonize, draw inspiration from our world.


Born in the 70s in Paris (France), Christophe joined a music school at the age of 7 until he was 14. He practiced the cornet and made his first recording experience at the “Maison de la Radio”. As a teenager, his musical tastes changed from pop rock to metal. He decided to meet other young musicians in a House of Youth and Culture. He developed his appetite for the keyboard, bass, drums and guitar but most of all he started singing. Thereafter, he will make his voice heard in various and varied styles. These various experiences allow him, today, to make us appreciate a powerful voice with such a particular grain.

Manu Delgado

Born in the late 60s in Villepinte (France), Manu integrates a brass band at the age of 4 until his 10 years; he practiced cymbals, bugle and the trumpet. He forms his first song cover band at his 18 years where he officiates as a singer. But his attraction to the bass is felt. While taking classes, he integrates several bands, until he made it his job for one from them, for a long period. Later, he became a bass player of a band of pop-rock for 10 years. Now he's sound his bass, for SOUNDOFDEN: A funky, grooving game with a great sense of the sentence that impresses.

Nico Denaud

Born in the 70s in Royan (France). Nico caught the rhythm very early and made his first compositions at the age of 12 on synthesizer. Teenager, after a brief transition to electric guitar, he began to play drums on his own, then trained on his instrument in music schools with teachers who open him great rhythmic horizons. At the same time, he is intensely involved in a writing of shorts stories and thriller novels. He integrated different formations in various styles: from jazz to heavy metal, and from indus and pop rock, so he met Christophe and Manu. He founded the studio "Under the sky" at the beginning of 2000 and produced a first electronica album. Today, his experience of writing, rhythms and compositions takes us into the progressive universe of SOUNDOFDEN